DSH/DaF level and study preparation

German as a Foreign Language – Intensive course

DSH/DaF level and study preparation

Learning objectives: Preparation for DSH and telc C1 university exam, DaF test and study at a German-speaking university

Course content/thematic areas
– Reading comprehension, listening comprehension, grammar, text production, oral exam
– Reformulation of grammatical structures
– Text structure, recognition of key and signal words in listening comprehension, note-taking techniques
– Step-by-step preparation of text production
– Preparation and practical application of solution processes
– Explanation and systemisation of DSH/telc C1 university/DaF test exercises
– Training under real exam conditions

Lesson plan: 20 class hours per week (45 minutes per class)
Times: Monday to Friday 13:30-16:50
Duration: 8 weeks (Class on 20 working days per month)

Course fees: 800 EUR plus 30 EUR learning materials
Registration fee: 30 EUR (for new customers)

01/08/2019 – 27/09/2019
01/10/2019 – 28/11/2019
02/12/2019 – 29/01/2020
03/02/2020 – 27/03/2020
01/04/2020 – 29/05/2020

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Participation in the telc C1 university exam is possible upon request.

telc C1 university exam dates/DSH exam dates

To register, please agree a date with one of our consultants. We would be happy to provide you with more information and determine your current level free of charge!

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Registration from abroad
You can register with us directly from abroad. After we have received your course fees and registration fee, you will receive a certificate of registration. You can use this to apply for a Visa (or Visa extension) at a German agency abroad.

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